Hindu Vegetarian is the most common type and is also referred to as Lacto Vegetarian. These vegetarians eat dairy products but will not eat any meat, fish or eggs.

Ovo Vegetarians will not eat any meat or fish but will eat eggs. “Ovo” comes from the Latin word for egg. Some Ovo Vegetarians may not eat dairy products.

Allium Vegetarians will not eat foods with onion or garlic. Hindus who are from the Vaishnav and Swaminarayan sects fall in this category. The latter will not eat asafoetida (also called Hing) if made using animal leather to crush the powder from the plant sap it originates from.

Jain Vegetarians do not eat any onion, garlic or any vegetables which grow underground like potatoes, carrots, etc. Bread containing yeast, which is a living organism, may not be eaten by some Jains.

Vegans are strict vegetarians who do not eat any diary products or products from animals. These include food like honey from bees or yogurt produced from cow’s milk.